Two Networks on one System

Jon Radel jon at
Tue Jun 21 12:26:12 UTC 2011

On 6/21/11 6:41 AM, Damien Fleuriot wrote:
> On 6/21/11 2:32 AM, Jerome Herman wrote:
>> On 21/06/2011 00:13, Jon Radel wrote:
>> So depending on the client route, packets from a given IP address can
>> land on either interface. Actually two clients nated behind the same
>> public address might end up on both interfaces at the same time.
>> Even though your solution should work 99% of the time , it can lead to
>> pretty strange behavior. I am not completely sure of how reply-to works,
>> notably with keep state (and of course OpenBSD manuals on PF are down
>> right now, at least from here). I remember attempting similar setups and
>> having quite a lot of trouble with ICMP (especially RST for that matter).

I most emphatically did NOT write that.  Somebody else isn't quoting 

--Jon Radel

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