Two Networks on one System

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Jun 20 21:07:26 UTC 2011

	I would like to say that I got it working, but after
looking at the duel-homed host section of the Handbook, I am
still stuck. A Google search turned up a thread from a couple of
years ago that almost echoed my exact words. We've got a system
with network interfaces on two disjointed networks. No routing
is desired, but we very much want for both interfaces to be
accessible from the world so each interface has to know about
its nearest gateway just as the primary interface knows about
the default route. What one seems to always be able to do is get
the primary up and talking to the world with no real trouble.
The secondary is on its network and you can log in from another
host on the same subnet but you can never see it from the world,
at large.

	Before the thread died out, the questioner was wondering
if it was simply not possible to achieve this functionality. I
am wondering the same.

	We are moving a primary name server from network A to
network B on one of our branch campuses. If the secondary
interface was reachable from the world, we can change the whois
information and not worry about the exact second the change goes
in to effect.

	The DNS should just answer whether the query came from
network A or Network B. The routing is already handled so the
system in question just has to be there and respond on both
networks for a day or so.

	We don't have a spare box to run on the new network
space or I would have done that days ago.;-(

	Again, thanks for any ideas.

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