Any working SIP-phone on FreeBSD?

Yuri yuri at
Mon Jun 20 05:55:03 UTC 2011

On 06/18/2011 10:19, Yuri wrote:
> I tried ekiga but it doesn't work. It gets into standby mode and stays 
> this way. I think it's because of firewall. There is the PR for this.
> I looked into Empathy. On Linux telepathy-sofiasip should be installed 
> to add SIP to empathy, and on FreeBSD there is no such port.

As a follow-up to my own question, I added two new ports 
(net-im/sofia-sip and net-im/telepathy-sofiasip) that should add SIP 
functionality to empathy IM client:

For some unknown reason empathy malfunctions when SIP protocol is 
selected. Maybe it's because current version in ports is outdated or 
maybe it's something with my station. I am investigating this.


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