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> > I'ts _MUCH_ simpler, to just sign and date a copy of the work, and have a
> > notary public 'witness' the signature.
> True.
> Without the service of a public registry of copyrighted works that (I think)
> only the US offers, and when you need a legally binding "official stamp" of
> some sort, you can go to a registered public notary. They're mildly expensive
> though; certainly a lot more expensive than the US Copyright Office fees.

'Male bovine excrement' applies.

U.S. Copyright Office registration is an absolute minimum of $25-30, and can 
run over $100.

Typical fee, in the U.S., for a notary public witnessing a signature is $1.
And many facilities, such as banks, will perform the service for _NO_COST_
for their customers.

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