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Fri Jun 17 14:32:30 UTC 2011

At 04:12 PM 6/16/2011 -0400, Michael Powell wrote:
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Sorry to return with one more question about upgrading to apache22 from

A note of concern was that apache22 changes the path to the document root
by inserting ../www/apache22/data
versus the previous ../www/data doc root.

Of course my vhosts and a bunch of other things of importance now reside
within the ../www path. I suppose I can change the doc root within the
apache22 config file(s) but I can forsee some possible breakage in things
on a production server when before, when moving from apache-1.3 to apache2,
web things were put in the same path and without any modifications needed.
I suppose this only affects the main host server stuff and things left in
the ../www placement will still work as before according to the present setup.

In examining the apache22 Makefile I see some places that the path might be
changed, but don't know if that is the best idea vs maybe changing the doc
root in apache22 config. A 3rd choice is to move stuff contained in the
../www/cgi-bin phpMyAdmin ...etc things that the main host needs to find in
the new location.

What did you fellows do about this issue that worked best for you assuming
y'all had vhosts and similar stuff to worry about?

Methinks this is my last question before moving to production servers.

Appreciate your further comments....

Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

System Admin

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