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Allen Unix.Hacker at
Fri Jun 17 10:50:55 UTC 2011

On 6/15/2011 11:20 AM, spidey wrote:
> Good morning.
> I have never used Freebsd.  For that matter, I have not used Linux since
> the early 1990s (1993 to be exact)  Anyway...
> BTW - I have  your logo on my xwindows on the Linux box I am trying to
> setup.  I think it's great.

OK, so, you haven't ever used FreeBSD, and you decided that you would
sign up for a FreeBSD mailing list to say that you have the logo on the
machine while trying to install Linux on it? OK, Intrigued...

> I have a need to use sendmail and DNS bind. Can someone tell me which
> versions of sendmail and DNS Bind are in the current Ubuntu 10??   In 
> your opinion, are they  going to be  hard to install.  I was going to
> use (Linux) Redhat but, could not figure out where the files were not to
> mention, I see there are some security issues with the version I have
> and updating looks like it would be hard as trying to pull teeth from
> Godzilla when he's got tooth ache and motheras flying around his head
> while smacking him in the head with a wing.  In other words...... on a
> bad day it looks hard.

Not real good with analogies are we? This is a FreeBSD mailing list, and
asking whicih version of Linux to use, which, by the wya, no one is ever
going to give you a straight answer too, since that CAN'T be answered
(Mostly because basically, there are around 12,000 versions of Linux,
and they all do something a little different).

If you'd like my OPINION; Ubuntu is African for "I can't install
Slackware or Debian" and sucks. So does Red Hat. So does Fedora. Debian,
Slackware, and SUSE are the best you'll get from Linux.

> That being said, I have a Dell 2650  dual 3200s, with 6 gig of memory
> and 36gig hard drive space.  I only need it for a test and was wondering
> how this would work under Freebsd.  If someone could let me know, I
> would really appreciate it.

Ahhhh! Finally, we get to something related to the list this is posted
to! OK, basically, FreeBSD is like Linux since both are Unix like or
based Operating systems. However, even though Linux is getting better
and better all the time, it still isn't nearly as fast as FreeBSD.
FreeBSD is regarded as one of THE MOST Stable Operating Systems ever
written, and even people who like Linux more would admit that.

FreeBSD is an excellent choice for any Server task you might need, and
it's very fast. You can literally do anything your hardware and mind can
come up with, as those are basically the only two limitations to
FreeBSD. It's the reason I spend money on FreeBSD when I can easily get
it for free.

FreeBSD can also run a lot of Linux Applications just fine with the
Linux_Enable="YES" added to /etc/rc.conf and, not only that, I've heard
many MANY times that somehow, FreeBSD manages to run Linux apps faster
than Linux itself can. So if you'd like advice; INSTALL FREEBSD!!!!

And, you can also do what I did with MY Ubuntu Installation CDs; Coffee
Cup Coaster :)

>  Thanks much for  your time

You're very welcome. And please enjoy my playful sense of humor at 6:37
AM while still being awake, and having not slept :) lol.

> Andre

-gore (I have a thing for Horror Movies, lol).

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