OT: Strange memory reading (hardware)

Robert traveling08 at cox.net
Thu Jun 16 21:56:08 UTC 2011


I have a strange problem with memory on one of my computers. I have
recently converted this computer to a NAS server. It is an Asus
A8N-VM MB running freenas amd64. I have 4 one Gig memory sticks
installed and as well as I can remember, it had always seen the 4 Gig
of RAM. Most recently I had 9 current installed.

The problem is not with freenas as it is absolutely hardware. 

I have tested with all of the sticks installed and with one at a time.
When all of the sticks are installed, BIOS show a total of 2752 MB of
RAM. If any of the sticks are installed alone in any of the four slots,
BIOS then shows 960 MB instead of the 1024 one would expect.

Quickly subtracting 960 from 1024 gets 64 MB missing. Hmmm, perhaps an
address lead or data lead on the MB is open. This I can understand, but
using any finagling factors I can think of, I can't get close to the
missing total of 1344 MB (4096-2752).

The freenas system runs quite well with the available memory but I was
wondering if anyone could help me understand this problem.

Thank you for reading this and i hope you are having a great day.


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