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You can't take no for an answer, freebsd-questions!
2011/06/16 12:30:07 -0600 Chad Perrin <perrin at> => To freebsd-questions at :
CP> * The UNIX source code's copyright is held by . . . damn.  It keeps

I always told this name is a kind of Black Label. Companies to hold it use to
meet fatal troubles, even if it's not a trademark ownership, e. g., in the case
of Sun.

CP> For any of the above to be called UNIX, it must meet the Open Group's
CP> certification standards and (more importantly) have some certification
CP> fee paid, as I understand it.

I believe Linus, on some stage, wouldn't refuse to certify his 'minix clone' in
the case it was for free. In his 'Just for fun' he tells he was following by
Solaris specs, so the well-known truth he started it from scratch may appear to
be not the all the truth in terms of legacy?  Anyway the price of 'unix
certification' service from the open group seem to be deeper than I can
challenge, is it normal?
Meanwhile, the same thing from LMI, the 'sublicensing' of the trademarks, even
up to internet domains required in certain cases, seem to be paid in certain
cases but there is no price I can find. What a dark forest is all that legal

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