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You can't take no for an answer, freebsd-questions!
2011/06/16 13:36:32 -0400 Daniel Staal <DStaal at> => To freebsd-questions at :
DS> > RS> Copyright pertains to the source code.  Trademark pertains to the use
DS> > of
DS> > RS> signs, symbols, names, logos, etc.
DS> >
DS> > Source code itself can have 'signs, symbols, names, logos, etc.' and
DS> > consist in terms of its usability of them, doesn't it just use to?
DS> > 'signs, symbols, names, logos, etc.' same way can have their source code
DS> > and consist in terms of their usability of it, doesn't they just use to?
DS> Trademark is for 'this is made by me.  I put my name on it.'  Copyright is
DS> for the content of a book/speech/whatever.

But both are just words/phrases, right?
How one can be sure the trademark is allowed to copy? It is a thing to be
How one can be sure the copyrighted work itself is not a trademark? It can be
that strange word the one suggested to rebrand Linux in this thread. Of course
it doesn't sound to be a trademark yet so right now I can restrict its
copyright. But years later it may happen to be a recognized brand and to be a
trademark, right? ;-)
There should be a threshold of "up to N bytes/characters it is a trademark, but
more than it it is a work to be copyrighted', right?

DS> 'Trademark' is a _maker's mark._  The point is not encouraging the
DS> creation of works (like copyright): The point is so that a maker/seller

so 'Trademark' is ought to be nothing creative? But companies use to spend a
lots to invent them...

DS> can build a reputation with their customers.
DS> They are very different in terms, uses, and requirements.  In theory it is
DS> possible to hold both a trademark and a copyright on the same thing, but
DS> it is hard.  (You will likely fail applicability tests for one or the
DS> other.)  It is of course possible to put a trademark on something you've
DS> copyrighted, so people know who created it.
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