Another PHP5 problem

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Thu Jun 16 15:18:59 UTC 2011

From: "Michael Powell" <nightrecon at>
> pulls in a few more dependencies than I'd really like, especially 
> the apr1
> (now named apr-ipv6-devrandom-gdbm-db42- port 
> installing

The name depends completely on the knobs you have used with 
portbuild - my apr is: 

> At any rate take a gander at /usr/ports/Mk/ for more 
> info. But
> if it were me instead of fighting I'd just go with the apache22 
> default

Yeah - the configuration differences are pretty minimal and even the 
2.0 port makefile states now: DEPRECATED=     will be unsupported by 
ASF when 2.4.0 is release, migrate to 2.2.x+ now


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