Another PHP5 problem

Mark Felder feld at
Wed Jun 15 18:50:10 UTC 2011

On Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:40:15 -0500, Jack L. Stone  
<jacks at> wrote:

> I cannot do without ioncube as another post mentioned.

I understand your need for ioncube, but replicate the problem to another  
non-production system and remove ioncube to see whether or not it is the  
cause. This is something we had to do and ultimately we told the only  
customer using ioncube they couldn't use it on our infrastructure anymore  
because it was a proprietary extension that causes issues. Again, before  
digging too deeply I strongly urge you repeat the test with ioncube  
extension disabled so you can rule that out immediately or else you'll be  
running around in circles for ages trying to figure out what the "cause"  

It's unfortunate that people think they need to obfuscate their code and  
use these silly workarounds.



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