some help still needed....

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On 6/12/11 1:36 AM, Gary Kline wrote:
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>> Always on php the latest.. So php5. 
> 	And, what's the easiest way to determine why # php segvs?

Sorry for the late response Gary.

First, I would ask myself:
- does it crash in CLI ?
- does it crash as an apache module ?
- does it crash as a PHP FCGI process ?

Second, I would ask myself:
- does it crash when I call a specific php page ?
- any page at all ?

Third, I would rebuild php with debug: cd /usr/ports/lang/php5 && make


Of course you'll also want to rebuild your php5-extensions just to be safe.

When you next get a core dump, you should be able to load it in gdb and
see what module caused it to crash.

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