mysql_connect error

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> On Tuesday, June 14, 2011 12:56:11 PM Glenn McCalley wrote:
>> Rodrigo,
>> The php.ini path and file match the phpinfo page.
>> However, php -m does NOT report a mysql module, and I get the same
>> Undefined symbol error our of that I mentioned in my
>> answer to Greg's post.
>> The line "" IS is the extensions.ini file.
>> Thanks,
>> Glenn.
> I would start reompiling mysql client libraries and then php-mysql 
> extension
> again
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Something new!
Rebuilt everything I could think of and no joy.

The genesis of this thing is a php "page" that is executed out of cron as a 
command.  It worked great until mysql 5.5 installed.  I've been testing from 
the command line.

Then had a brainstorm, and ran the php "page" from the address line of a 
browser instead of the command line and it works.  Should of thought of that 
test before.

So why is it OK thru a browser but not as a command?  That leads me to 
believe it's not mysql_connect's problem at all but the php cli isn't 
working properly.

Thoughts?  ...and thanks folks for all your help.


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