Long Day's Journey into <Bleep>

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Subject: Long Day's Journey into <Bleep>

Well, people, 

It's been a long, long century.  I've been down for 5 days.
Couldn't understand _why_ I couldn't ping anywhere [expect the
Server itself].  Finally, tho, it became more and more likely that
my FreeBSD was fine ... even tho I kept stripping the most likely
problem points.  My large 16-port LinkSys router was either *it* or
it was some kind of bug unknown to geekdom.  After a friend bought
me a new (and tiny) 8-port switch, yes!  I could ping everywhere.  

I'm still bringing back the dozens of things I removed from ethic.
And testing new ideas.  But I have a general question: have any of
you wizards who run your own domains or otherwise use a switch [or
hub] *ever* had it just-quit?!  It is solid-state.  Yes, the box is
within my feet/foot reach.  I have accidently kicked it i suppose,
but still.  

After wandering in the wilderness for 5 days, <<mmph>>, dunno.  


PS: yes, this is a serious question.  1) I like things-Cisco, and 
LinkSys.  I just bought this switch about 2.5 years ago, so I really
am looking for feedback.

PPS:  Another question to ask about upgrading is next.

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Good to hear you're back on line. But to answer your question about parts going 
bad. I haven't had much go bad on me in the last 10 years but back in the 1990's 
when I was doing pure IT work and was making lots of purchases of parts I did. 
Now you have to remember that back then a 28.8 modem cost $375 and cell phones 
were only in the hands of the very rich and very important. I could buy parts 
and sometimes find them defective out of the box. Others would work fine.

Today, I haven't bought many new components because everything is working. My 
switch has been operating fine for the last five years. I replaced my FreeBSD 
sever a few years ago. It was a P166 with 96MB RAM and it had been running 
almost non-stop, 24/7 for 12 years. But then I had another machine right next to 
it that I built in 2002 and it whimped out only a couple of years later and I 
hardly ever ran that machine. 

In today's world, I would say that the majority of the parts you buy will be 
good to go, but that's why parts only come with a 90 or 1 year warranty. The 
manufacturers know when to back off their guarantees on electronic components.

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