Install ImageMagick configured with Autotrace switch

Angelo aussieang at
Thu Jun 2 05:14:02 UTC 2011

 Thanks Peter but I can't seem to build this thing.

I've tried just about everything I can think of to pass the argument
"--with-autotrace" and it throws exceptions or just ignores the command.

The output of the configure in ImageMagick's delegate configuration is
--with-autotrace=no and I'm trying to change it to =yes before I build.

When I run "make configure --with-autotrace=yes" ("./configure" won't work)
or any other combination, the build is without the option set to yes just
the default no. When I add the argument to the make file directly, it stops
at "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lMagickWand"

Also, make doesn't recognize "-- -" and throws exceptions there too when I
enclose it with ' '.

When I install autotrace first, it automatically installs ImageMagick as
well but the delegate config in ImageMagick is still set to no.

Last but not least (this may be tied to the problem or add clues) when I
install ImageMagick and test (passes all internal tests), the system won't
recognize any shell commands like "convert" but will in a php script via
IMagick which still doesn't produce the correct svg xml since autotrace
isn't being used for the vectorization conversion. Would be nice to run php
scripting with ImageMagick commands from the shell but at this point I'll
take just about anything.

Cheers! Angelo

A> I am trying to install ImageMagick and Autotrace ports but I need to
A> configure Imagemagick to work with Autotrace so it processes raster
A> to the vector svg format properly.
A> This is what is recommended from the imagemagick website to do, but I
A> know the commands to type in freebsd to accomplish: Quote: "For this to
A> however the 'development' "AutoTrace" library must be installed, and IM
A> configured with a "--with-autotrace" switch.

You'd better tweak the graphics/ImageMagick port for this. Its Makefile
should have the 'CONFIGURE_ARGS =+' -like strings you can use as a sample
for the WITH_* option you can easily add. Be sure to include the DEPENDS
variable update for your library, too.

Feel free to submit patch for that port then. The dependence library port
should be already present on the ports tree, too.

A> So do I install with "make --with-autotrace" then "make
A> install --with-autotrace" and lastly "make clean"?

This is about ImageMagick's ./configure I think.

A> I already have ImageMagick and Autotrace installed but not configured
A> together so I'm assuming I will have to uninstall imagemagick first then
A> reinstall it with the autotrace switch?

uninstall and compile anew, 'make clean' is the best to ensure this before

73! Peter pgp: A0E26627 (4A42 6841 2871 5EA7 52AB  12F8 0CE1 4AAC A0E2 6627)

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