can't build teTeX port in FreeBSD 8.2 amd64

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Thu Jul 28 17:54:12 UTC 2011

Anton & et all,

I have found another book diffyqs that does not compile with default
teTeX, but does with TeXLive:

Book is found here:

Source is here:

I create build script:
/*********** build script **************/


pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode diffyqs.tex
pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode diffyqs.tex
makeindex diffyqs
pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode diffyqs.tex

/*********** end build script **************/


 Xy-pic version 3.7 <1999/02/16>
 Copyright (c) 1991-1998 by Kristoffer H. Rose <krisrose at>
 Xy-pic is free software: see the User's Guide for details.

Loading kernel: messages; fonts; allocations: state, direction,
utility macros; pictures: \xy, positions, objects, decorations;
kernel objects: directionals, circles, text; options; algorithms: directions,
edges, connections;  Xy-pic loaded)
 Xy-pic option: All features v.3.3
 Xy-pic option: Curve and Spline extension v.3.7 curve, circles, loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Frame and Bracket extension v.3.7 loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Computer Modern tip extension v.3.3
 Xy-pic option: More Tips extension v.3.3 loaded) loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Line styles extension v.3.6 loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Rotate and Scale extension v.3.3 loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Colour extension v.3.3 loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Matrix feature v.3.4 loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Arrow and Path feature v.3.5 path, \ar, loaded)
 Xy-pic option: Graph feature v.3.7 loaded) loaded))

! Package keyval Error: pdfborderstyle undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.50 }

If I find others, I will report back.  Thanks & sorry for not sending
the other email correctly.



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