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On 28/07/2011 14:21, Polytropon wrote:
>> bt i found it.  and the ONLY
>> > 	difference i can see is __One__.  the cheap one is the "n";
>> > 	you have to by-hand set it to do duplex.    the "dn" and the
>> > 	"x" have "automatic" duplex handling. 

> So then, what is non-automatic duplex handling, i. e.
> manual duplexing? Reloading the paper yourself? Well,
> then all non-duplex-able printers _are_ duplexing,
> it's just to be manually. :-)

You should be a bit wary of doing this sort of thing -- turning pages
over to print on the back of them.

Firstly many printers expect the paper to have a specific moisture
content.  Running the page through all the heated rollers in a laser
printer can upset that, leading to the paper being stiffer or floppier
than usual and resulting in paper jams.  You can get a similar effect if
you don't print very often and the paper gets left lying around in the
tray for ages.  Quality printers that can deal with many different
weights of paper probably won't suffer from this.

Secondly, the toner in a laser printed page is fixed to the paper by
running it over a heated roller that melts the glue[*].  Turning the
page over and running over the heated roller again can result in toner
getting transferred onto roller surfaces where it shouldn't be.  Result
can be dirty looking pages and uneven print quality.



[*] Verb Sap.  If you ever have the misfortune to get covered in toner,
remember to wash in /cold/ water...

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