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Thu Jul 28 13:09:15 UTC 2011

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 16:58:57 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	i have found an hp2025[x|n|dn] that looks goood since it has
> 	cups suppport.
> 	do you//any of you see anythn wrong with the hp2025X??

Gary, if you CAN, make a checklist, and read it
as "the more the better":

	[ ] printer has PCL
	[ ] printer has Postscript
	[ ] printer has network (often "N" suffix in name)

Make sure _at least one_ can be checked. You
should be fine then. There are _no_ other things
that are _important_ if you want a good printer
that ACTUALLY works.

PS is the native output format for printing, so
there is no need for CUPS (except "relaying" the
data to the printer), and system's basic lp* tools
are fully sufficient. PCL can be generated from
PS by a single-line call to gs (the Ghostscript
interpreter from ports). And if it has network,
you can more easily access it - no need to put
it directly next to the PC, and you can share the
printer with other users in your house. The better
HP models even have their own "lpr subsystem" built
in, so the printing queue is "in the printer" and
can be manipulated by the lp* tools "in the printer"
instead of locally in the computer.

Do not try to "save money" by cheap CRAP offers.
If you have the chance, get a printer designed for
office use. It will pay. I promise. :-)

> 	ps:  i did read that the brother only wsorks with lighteight
> 	paper; another comlaint is that it goes thru toner very
> 	fast.  ...

Oh god! Those are indications that it must be a
real crappy consumer-targeted "printer" (quotes
intended!). You should not waste money or time on
such nonsense.

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