Can gpart create ntfs and FAT-32 partitions?

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Thu Jul 28 10:59:43 UTC 2011

On 7/28/2011 7:55 AM, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> I want to create a GPT disk structure that has the following partitions:
> NTFS (1.2G)
> NTFS (200G)
> FreeBSD OS (250G)
> NTFS (15G)
> FAT-32 (100G) (needs to be RW for W7 and FreeBSD and ntfs-3g is just
> not stable enough)
> FreeBSD data only (380G)
> The NTFS partitions are to place the Windows7 system, recovery
> partition (which I may
> not use), and Lenovo's odd "SYSTEM_DRV" that is required for booting.
> gpart has no
> indications of how to create an NTFS or FAT partition. Any way to so
> this? Or, should I
> use W7 to do that and leave the space for the FreeBSD ones?

No, you can do this with gpart.

gpart knows the following MS related GUIDs. The types you need
to use in -t are ms-basic-data, ms-ldm-data etc.

>         { "ms-basic-data", G_PART_ALIAS_MS_BASIC_DATA },
>         { "ms-ldm-data", G_PART_ALIAS_MS_LDM_DATA },
>         { "ms-ldm-metadata", G_PART_ALIAS_MS_LDM_METADATA },
>         { "ms-reserved", G_PART_ALIAS_MS_RESERVED },
>         { "ntfs", G_PART_ALIAS_MS_NTFS },

I don't know which partition types you should use for the
wanted partitioning scheme.

The struct that defines the known gpart GUIDs is in
/sys/geom/part/g_part.c at line 69(on HEAD).

HTH, Nikos

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