Can't seem to send to some of the freebsd lists

Andre Goree andre at
Thu Jul 28 09:35:51 UTC 2011

I'm sending this message to check whether it reaches the list.  So far, 
none of my messages sent to freebsd-test at have been received 
and sometimes (every 2nd or 3rd message it seems), I'll receive a notice 
that my message was marked as spam and is awaiting moderator approval 
(something that never comes).  I've also sent a message to this list 
asking for help on exactly why my message might be marked as spam.

I've checked my domain at and everthing checks out ok 
(reverse DNS, PTR record, non-open relay) so I'm not sure what the 
problem could be.

Would appreciate any insight (if this message actually reaches the list, 
that is).  :)

Andre Goree
andre at

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