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> >  folks,
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> >  i sent a couple freebsd questions days ago and did not bcc myself.  i 
> >  never saw the post nor got any response.  anyway, new  one:  is there 
> >  any way of getting my 'brother HL-3040CN' color laser printr to work.  i 
> >  have mucked with it for >> 48 until i am ready to [[ dunno, really ]].  
> >  i guess return it and buy one that just works with cups.
> Advice: *READ* the specifications.  Make sure the printer 'speaks' (or, at a 
> minimum 'emulaes') at at least _one_ "standard' page-layout language -- PCL,
> or (*preferably*) Postscript.  The HL-3040cn specs expressly _disclaim_ such,
> to wit:
>    "Emulation 						N/A(Host-Based only)
>     Resident Fonts
> 	PCL 						N/A
> 	BR-Script 3 (PostScript 3 language emulation) 	N/A"
> This _should_ have told you to "run away'.
> >  this 3040cn is seriously low-end, but if any of you have one Working, 
> >  i'd seriously like to know what you did.  i'm using whatever CUPS we've 
> >  got with  7.3.
> Odds are that you are SOL.
> The HL-3040CN is what is charitably called a "winprinter".  That is, it
> is a *dumb* imaging device that requires _everything_ be done on the 
> host computer, using a "vendor-provided" device driver.  Brother provides
> drivers for Windows, MacOS, and a CUPS-based driver executable for Linux.
> The odds of getting _that_ executable to work on FreeBSD are not good.
> With a fulll Linux emulation environment, maybe.

	tehere were zero specs on the costco page; and evvntually i
	dd found some download for lrp and cups for the 3040 on the
	brother site.   bt yes, for linx only.   it is going back on
	friday night.

	i have found an hp2025[x|n|dn] that looks goood since it has
	cups suppport.

	do you//any of you see anythn wrong with the hp2025X??


	ps:  i did read that the brother only wsorks with lighteight
	paper; another comlaint is that it goes thru toner very
	fast.  ...

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