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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
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On 26/07/2011 12:06, Ganesh Khedkar wrote:
>      I am new to FreeBSD , just wanted to give one suggestion that , Ubuntu linux have given one 
> Nice facility to user that they can easily install Ubuntu in windows and any drive we want .
>     Even we can assign size to that drive . So cant we provide this facility to our user .
> So that people can experience freeBSD.

Hmmm... There's nothing wrong with this idea, but I doubt it's going to
be implemented in FreeBSD any time soon.  (Only if someone steps up to
the plate and provides patches probably.)  At the moment, FreeBSD is in
the throws of replacing the old sysinstall(8) with a brand-new, written
from scratch installer.  The focus is on getting the installer to
support all of the capabilities of the OS like ZFS or gmirror, and what
you propose is not a priority right now.

You can already build a dual-boot system, but you'll need to know how to
go beyond what the installer provides.  This is a core FreeBSD concept:
learning is desirable, so the OS doesn't try and hide the gory details
under a glossy GUI.  It's a bit off-putting to beginners, but you're
only a beginner for a relatively short time, and the FreeBSD way really
does pay dividends once you have some knowledge.

I heartily recommend PC-BSD for any beginner that wants to get their
feet wet and build a desktop BSD system -- essentially the same role
that Ubuntu is aimed at -- not that it isn't good for seasoned old
campaigners that just want to spin up a desktop quickly either.



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