graid3 or graid5? with or without gjournal?

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Tue Jul 26 20:55:17 UTC 2011

Em Ter, 2011-07-26 às 08:48 +0200, DA Forsyth escreveu:

> Hi all
> I am busy putting together a new server.  I want to avoid using the 
> motherboards raid 'hardware' (intel matrix raid) and rather do it all 
> in software so if anything goes wrong with the motherboard, the 
> drives can work in some other box.
> I have 4x 1TB drives available for the main data array.
> graid3 can only use 3
> graid5 can use all 4, but is it production ready?
> any ideas?
> The advantage of using graid3 at this point is that the extra 1TB 
> drive I have can then go into the backup server which needs more 
> space anyway.
> Having suffered data loss on the previous raid5 (intel matrix) array 
> when UFS went bananas due to one drive failing, I am looking at 
> solutions/preventatives.   Will gjournal be useful?
> Thanks

I prefer ZFS..    all my servers (about 100... ) are running with
zfs now (8.2 amd64)... dual drivers of 1TB or 2TB each...
I have had some driver dying..  but no loss of data thanks to
zfs mirror...


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