2020: Will BSD and Linux be relevant anymore?

Michael Cardell Widerkrantz mc at hack.org
Mon Jul 25 10:51:32 UTC 2011

Chad Perrin <perrin at apotheon.com>, 2011-07-21 18:58 (+0200):

> Unless and until I get a full-power OS (preferably a real BSD Unix) on
> a tablet, no amount of peripherals, ubiquitous network connection, and
> internal power will make up for the simple fact it's just a damned
> toy.

Same here. Not a tablet, but I've been eyeing Genesi's EFIKA MX
Smartbook for a while:


Seems like more than a toy to me. I've read reports about someone trying
to port FreeBSD to the thing. I don't know the status. Anyone?

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