pkg_delete yields 'no such package'

Toan Le at
Mon Jul 25 00:13:42 UTC 2011

It's great by correcting package name. Thanks for your tips of '-x' 
option !!!
Toan Le

On 7/25/2011 6:28 AM, b. f. wrote:
>> Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On 24/07/2011 08:48, Toan H. Le wrote:
>>> Either I use 'pkg_delete xorg-docs' or 'pkg_delete xorg-docs-1.4.1',
>>> pkg_delete yields the error of 'no such package'. Checking via 'pkg_info'
>>> and 'pkg_version' confirms the packages xorg-docs-1.4.1 installed. I think I
>>> did not use the wrong command.
>> Hmmm...  That's a typo.  The package name is:
>> lucid-nonsense:...ports/x11/xorg-docs:% make -V PKGNAME
>> xorg-docs-1.4,1
>> Note the comma -- that's part of the version number, and needs to be
>> copied down verbatim for pkg_delete(1)
> It is often convenient to use the -x or -X switches with these
> utilities, or to use a glob, so that you only have to type part of the
> full PKGNAME, e.g.:
> pkg_delete xorg-docs\*
> pkg_delete -x xorg-docs
> Just make sure that the glob or regex that you use only applies to the
> packages that you want the utilities to act upon, e.g.:
> pkg_info -I xorg-docs\*
> pkg_info -Ix xorg-docs
> See the manpages of the utilities for details.
> b.

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