Dick Hoogendijk dick at nagual.nl
Sun Jul 24 13:07:12 UTC 2011

Op 24-7-2011 12:46 schreef C. P. Ghost:
> Since there are no X11 libs in emacs despite all those options
> being set anyway, I suppose that setting WITHOUT_X11 creates
> a non-X11 emacs.
> I'm using the following port (normal emacs, with WITHOUT_X11 set):
> % echo /var/db/pkg/emacs*
> /var/db/pkg/emacs-23.3_1,2
> But I don't know if X dependencies are being pulled in when the
> port is being built with all those options.

Yes, but the latter is just what worries me. I want a console version of 
emacs. It's a server and I absolutely do not want any X dependencies 
cluttering my system. Ports are great but sometimes they have bitten me 
in this respect.
Sure, I can do a dry run on a virtual freebsd machine, but that is not 
at all that fast.
So I'm still looking for people who have done this ans _know_ it will 
work out OK.

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