build ports from not a root user?

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu Jul 21 18:39:48 UTC 2011

On 21/07/2011 19:31, Daniel Staal wrote:
> On Thu, July 21, 2011 2:26 pm, Peter Vereshagin wrote:
>> Oh Daniel want you buy me a mersedes benz?
>> 2011/07/21 14:01:04 -0400 Daniel Staal<DStaal at>  =>  To
>> freebsd-questions at :
>> DS>  Ok, then I've already answered your question several emails ago.  The
>> DS>  ports system will do this automatically with a simple 'make', 'make
>> DS>  install', or 'make depends; make install'.  And you said you knew
>> about
>> No it doesn't.
>> 'all' target includes 'depends' target.
>> 'depends' target includes performing 'make install' on the dependencies
>> which
>> I'd like to avoid.
>> This can be avoided if a some tool like the portupgrade has did them
>> already.
>> It can do it that same way, too: build as a non-root user and then install
>> as a
>> root user.
>> That way the 'make depends' can be done as a non-root user as it's a no-op
>> additional check.
> So you want to install software without installing it's dependencies
> first?  Or build software without installing it's build dependencies
> first?

The easiest way to build ports under a non-privileged user is probably 
to use portmaster (ports-mgmt/portmaster): it has a PM_SU_CMD which is 
normally set to /usr/local/bin/sudo which it uses whenever it needs to 
elevate to root.

Bruce Cran

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