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Peter Vereshagin peter at
Thu Jul 21 09:23:48 UTC 2011

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2011/07/21 11:37:15 +0300 Ross <basarevych at> => To Jos Chrispijn :
R> I use security/logcheck which informs me via email about new entries
R> in /var/log/messages and also smartd from sysutils/smartmontools which
R> will email me when it detects any problems with  SMART disks.
R> And I also interested in something more.
R> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 11:25 AM, Jos Chrispijn <kernel at> wrote:
R> > Can someone recommend me a text driven maintenance (re)port that informs me
R> > about the health of my FreeBSD system?
R> > I currently use the standard BSD report information, but like to get more
R> > information out of my partitions, OS etc.
R> > This program should be ran by schedule and send me the outcome by email.

There are security tasks built into the periodic(8) to be emailed to an admin.
I'd like to know if they can be processed to be the real alarms. There should
be the corresponding tools for this as sych a filtering can be done on an MDA

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