scrpt help neded...

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Jul 21 00:42:22 UTC 2011


Not sure where it was the calendar or something else that suddenly
made my tying go South.  maybe both.  --oh, yes, i still need to
buy a new clicky kybd.   but that won't help with the script i

back hen i worked from cray reseach in WI, a shell /bin/sh wizard cooked
up what i wanted in minutes.  i have lost in in the 20+ years so
maybe some shell or perl guru can help me.  

I'm looking for a script that takes on arg and lets   me vi/vim into
the r esults.  Let's say that I'm looking for the string 201107 in
a slew of files.  the script find it with grep---not grep -w, just
grep.  collect es the filenames and lines (grep -n) and saves  then
temporarily, then points vim or vi at each file+linenumbr and execs
it for me.   the fewer keystrokes, the better.

can anybody help me?



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