Does 8.2 support USB 3.0?

Dennis Glatting freebsd at
Mon Jul 18 21:53:39 UTC 2011

Sounds like a stupid question to me but I have three motherboards that 
aren't happy with USB 3.0 regardless of settings, including:

* Gigabyte EX58-UD5,
* ASUS Rampage III Extreme, and
* ASUS Crosshair V Formula.

"Happy" means a variety of things:

  * Sometimes it doesn't like my USB 3.0 sticks,
  * Sometimes it doesn't like my USB 2.0 sticks plugged
    into a 3.0 slot, and
  * Sometimes it does and does not like my mouse or
    keyboard plugged into the port.

On the keyboard front, my Crosshair sees the keyboard before I start kdm4 
but ignores input once started. However, if I hit Ctl-Alt-F1 the usual 
thing happens. It refuses to aknowledge the mouse but I haven't yet tried 

On the Gigabyte and the Crosshair I have ahci loaded, which works BTW. 
However, any problem with the Gigabyte precedes ahci.

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