Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore

Daniel Staal DStaal at usa.net
Sun Jul 17 15:01:50 UTC 2011

--As of July 17, 2011 8:13:13 PM +0700, "C. Bergström" is alleged to have 

> 1) Why care about *BSD as a desktop?
> 2) Why care about *BSD as a workstation? (Which I see as a next level in
> stability/usability beyond a toy "desktop")

--As for the rest, it is mine.

Because it is easier to get your admins to support a server if they can 
have a working development desktop that matches the server's OS and config. 
(Apart from their interface and development software, which would only be 
on the dev box.)

Just a thought.  ;)

Daniel T. Staal

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