options used to compile packages

b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 17 11:16:24 UTC 2011

On 7/17/11, David Arendt <admin at prnet.org> wrote:
> When I did the test, I used FreeBSD 8.2 amd64 using the ports collection
> delivered with this distribution.

I see.  Since that time, there have been very few changes to the
version of the base system used to build the packages for 8, but more
to some of the ports that you mentioned, so probably the difference
that you observed is due to the latter, if it isn't caused by some
local change on your own system.

> Yesterday I did a checkout of the latest ports tree. I compiled bash,
> xorg, xfce and gdm using the default options. When trying to login using
> gdm, it still complains about a missing keyring pam module. When I
> disable keyring support in gdm, gdm runs flawlessly. Therefore I thought
> that options used to compile the offical packages might be different. If
> default options are used to compile them, it should be a some other
> problem. To ensure that my build environment is not polluted, I did this
> test on a fresh installation. But anyway it doesn't matter as I have a
> workaround.

If you believe that the error arises from a problem other than your
particular configuration of gdm and its dependencies, or at least is
likely to affect others, then it would be helpful if you submitted a
problem report:


after having first looked to see if a similar problem has already been
reported, via:


or other searches of your own.


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