how to force a hard reboot remotely

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun Jul 17 02:48:32 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 2:40 AM, Aryeh Friedman
<aryeh.friedman at> wrote:
> Is there any way to force a complete power down and then reset of a
> i386 without physically being present?
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If I understand your question correctly, reboot yes, shutdown then
powerup by itself *Don't know :( *

You can setup a crontab (as root user or with setuid ),

something like
30 09 * * * /sbin/init 6 > /dev/null;

would reboot the machine at 9:30 am.  But if you mean shut it down and
then restart it automatically, I don't know for sure if it can be



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