Problems with the Asus P8h61 -m pro motherboard

Matevž Markovič ivwcorporation.matevz at
Sat Jul 16 18:33:13 UTC 2011


I just installed the FreeBSD 8.2 on my computer, but unfortunately my
integrated network card was not recognised. Only the loopback and plip (or
something like that) interfaces are present in the sysinstall / ifconfig -a.
I have the Asus P8h61 -m pro motherboard. I wanted to configure this
computer to take part in boinc projects (like einstein at home, in the freebsd
group, of course :) ), but without a working internet connection, I am not
able to do this.
By the way, does FreeBSD support CUDA? I bought a CUDA graphics card and it
would be useful for BOINC projects.

Thank you for you answers and your time,


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