Upgrading very old installation

Roland Smith rsmith at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 15 20:46:55 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 08:20:52AM -0400, Jaime Kikpole wrote:
> I'm running a FreeBSD 6.x server that hasn't been updated in about 1.5 years.
> atlas:~>uname -mprs
> FreeBSD 6.4-RELEASE-p8 i386 i386

> I've been using the cvsup/make method of upgrades for years and only
> used freebsd-upgrade once.  I'm not sure if either method can handle a
> 6.x to 8.x upgrade.

They are tested for upgrading to the next major version. Who knows if it will
work across two major versions? Personally I wouldn't want to be the one ot
try it out. :-) 

> I also have a bunch of ports in this server (e.g. apache, postfix,
> etc.)  Once the OS is updated, should I just portupgrade them all?

Doesn't work reliably across major version updates. When updating to a newer
major version, the best way is to delete all ports (save their config files
of course), scrub the /usr/local tree clean and then re-install them.

Matthews advice of re-installing 8.2 on a second harddrive is probably the
easiest and safest way to go. 

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