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On Thu 14/07/11 11:40 AM , Polytropon  wrote:On Thu, 14 Jul 2011
11:37:08 +1000,  wrote:
 >  I'm running release, though. I'm not exactly cvs proficient, I
 > subversion- just installing it is a PITA atm- so how do I bring in
 > stable version of the driver?
 Here's an approach that works quite well:
 First add to /etc/make.conf:
 Then create the /etc/sup directory, and in it, create the
 file /etc/sup/stabe.sup with the following content:
 *default base=/var/db
 *default prefix=/usr
 *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_8
 *default delete use-rel-suffix
 *default compress
 The setting RELENG_8 will bring you the latest 8-STABLE.
 Maybe you should replace the servers with something near
 your location for better speed.
 Then, as root:
 # cd /usr/src
 # make update
 and you've got the current sources.
 > I'm assuming also, then, that I will have to recompile my kernel
 > I?
 Of course, and kernel and world have to be in sync, so building
 world is also needed. See the instructions in the Makefile's
 comment section:
 # For individuals wanting to upgrade their sources (even if only a
 # delta of a few days):
 #  1.  `cd /usr/src'       (or to the directory containing your
source tree).
 #  2.  `make buildworld'
 #  3.  `make buildkernel KERNCONF=YOUR_KERNEL_HERE'     (default is
 #  4.  `make installkernel KERNCONF=YOUR_KERNEL_HERE'   (default is
 #       [steps 3. & 4. can be combined by using the "kernel" target]
 #  5.  `reboot'        (in single user mode: boot -s from the loader
 #  6.  `mergemaster -p'
 #  7.  `make installworld'
 #  8.  `make delete-old'
 #  9.  `mergemaster'                         (you may wish to use -U
or -ai).
 # 10.  `reboot'
 # 11.  `make delete-old-libs' (in case no 3rd party program uses them
 # See src/UPDATING `COMMON ITEMS' for more complete information.
 This is /usr/src/Makefile of course.
 So are you saying I can't just grab the ath module?
I'd rather stick to release, but I guess if I'm having to rebuild the
kernel each update... What are the cons to using stable? I thought
stable was still being worked on and shouldn't be used for production?
I'm providing services to very green users so I'd like to stay close
to reliable as possible- hence my addiction with the release versions.
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