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Thu Jul 14 00:56:10 UTC 2011

	Sorry, I hate to come to the list with such a stupid question. I
followed up a thread from a couple of months ago regarding this
chipset which is not fully supported yet- hardware resetting errors-
and I'm trying to work out how to build this driver from head.
Unfortunately, when I run the cvs commands suggested it can't seem to
find it, and I'm wondering exactly what I'm missing.

	Network drops all the time, and won't handle any load, so assuming I
only have amd64-8.2 base system utilities:

	CVSROOT=pserver:anoncvs at

	cvs login

	cvs co ath

	cvs co ath_pci

	And downloading modules list doesn't show ath, if_ath, ath_pci, or
anything with ath in it that is remotely related.
	As I understand it, cvs should be pulling from head by default right?
So what am I missing? Or alternatively, how do I fix this wifi card-
rebooting every time it drops is a PITA! :)

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