tftp - bad checksum error? can't transfer file

Marco Steinbach coco at
Tue Jul 12 02:52:16 UTC 2011

Anton Shterenlikht schrieb:
> I'm trying to troubleshoot tftpd(8).
> % grep boot /etc/inetd.conf
> tftp   dgram udp  wait root /usr/libexec/tftpd  tftpd -dd -l -s /tftpboot
> tftp   dgram udp  wait root /usr/libexec/tftpd  tftpd -dd -l -s /tftpboot
> bootps dgram udp  wait root /usr/libexec/bootpd bootpd -d4 -t0 /etc/bootptab
> %
> I'm trying to boot another node via bootp/tftp.
> I'm monitoring what's going on with tcpdump -vv.
> bootpd starts fine, and seems to read /etc/bootptab
> correctly.
> But after that nothing happens, and after a few minutes
> I get on the console of the host which I want to boot:
>> bootp()/bsd.rd.IP32
> Unable to execute bootp()/bsd.rd.IP32:  invalid argument

Last time I saw this error was with an SGI Octance 2, where the Octanes 
RRQ requests contained trailing garbage, which FreeBSDs tftp tried to 
interpret as extended options.

Try disabling options_rfc and options_extra in 
/usr/src/libexec/tftpd/tftp-options.c, and reinstall tftpd.

MfG CoCo

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