Fw: zpool-zfs'es on a GELI-encrypted volume are not mounted at boot [patch included]

Christopher J. Ruwe cjr at cruwe.de
Sun Jul 10 12:26:24 UTC 2011

Nearly a week ago I posted this question to freebsd-fs, but probalby my
question is a) worded too complicatedly, b) not really a
filesystem-issue or c) both.

To rephrase: In setups requiring one or more ZFS-dataset to be mounted before another service is activated (GELI in my case) and the rest of the ZFS-datasets after that service is activated (because they require GELI), it seems to be necessary to add a `zfs mount -a` to mountcritlocal. Is this considered correct behaviour and wouldn't it make sense to add such a line to mountcritlocal in the standard setup?

Thank you, cheers,
Christopher J. Ruwe
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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 20:59:48 +0200
From: "Christopher J. Ruwe" <cjr at cruwe.de>
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Subject: zpool-zfs'es on a GELI-encrypted volume are not mounted at
boot [patch included]

I run my notebook under FreeBSD 8.2-stable,  r223699. I have setup my
disks with ZFS so that I boot from a very small rpool and mount
datasets, among these /usr from another pool configured on top of an
AES encrypted GELI.

When installing a new world using this setup, it is necessary to
manually adapt /etc/rc.d/mountcritlocal, mountcritlocal_start() to do a
zfs mount -a. Failing to do so causes my rootpool to be mounted (which
follows from rc.conf), then the GELI volume to be unlocked. After this,
the boot routine hangs, as /usr (which resides) on the encrypted vol,
which is not mounted, as the canonical zfs mounts are mounted before

I cannot imagine that I am the only one to run ZFSes on an encrypted
GELI volume. Am I booting this setup in an inadvisable way, so that I
need to run into problems? If not, then it might be an idea to
include a zfs mount -a in mountcritlocal in the canonical rc.d-setup.

Am I getting this right or could you please comment?

Thank you, cheers,
Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ GMT + 2
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