Portupgrade Package Question

b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 9 23:54:39 UTC 2011

Thomas D. Dean wrote:
> For the most recent try, I have
> ...
> #   OS_PATCHLEVEL:      ""              "-p8"
> #   OS_PLATFORM:        "i386"          "amd64"
> #   OS_PKGBRANCH:       "7-current"     "6.1-release"
> OS_PKGBRANCH="8-stable"

The comments above were not intended as an invitation to try to define
these constants here, but merely describe typical values that the
constants may have.  The constants are computed from parsing your
'uname -rm' output in $LOCALBASE/$RUBY_SITELIBDIR/pkgtools.rb (usually
/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/pkgtools.rb), so you cannot set them
in pkgtools.conf.  They were only mentioned so that users would know
that they were available for defining other procedures and variables
(for an example, see below).

> # Useful predefined functions:
> #
> #  localbase()
> #    Returns LOCALBASE.
> ...
> But, portupgrade still tries to fetch from 8.2-release.

If you are running 8.2-RELEASE, and yet wish to obtain "8-stable"
packages (which are actually built on recent versions of 8.1-STABLE,
with recent versions of the ports tree), then set PKG_SITES
appropriately in pkgtools.conf.  In this case, I think (untested) that
you could substitute


for the default


in PKG_SITES.  (It might be better to upgrade your base system to
8-STABLE, in which case the defaults will be correct without any need
for these changes, and other problems will also be fixed).

> If I want to use binary ports it looks like I need to zap the ports tree
> and recreate it with portsnap.

This should not be necessary.  You should be able to use any method to
update the tree (anonymous cvs, csup/cvsup, portsnap, http/ftp, rsync,
ctm, etc.).  Of course, if your tree and index file do not correspond
to the version of the binary packages that you want to use, you will
occasionally trip over problems that will require intervention.  (Note
that in the section of the csup file that you reproduced in an earlier
message, 'release-cvs' should be 'release=cvs'.)

PKG_SITES will only be used by the ports-mgmt/portupgrade scripts; if
you want to use pkg_add(1) manually, and obtain the 8-stable packages,
then you should define PACKAGESITE in your environment, or provide a
full URL.  The ports-mgmt/portupgrade scripts also respect
PACKAGESITE, which will override PACKAGEROOT and PKG_SITES in those


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