DNS and file system messed up...

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Fri Jul 8 08:00:59 UTC 2011

On 7 July 2011, at 22:58, Gary Kline wrote:

>> Jul  7 10:16:33 ethic named[54366]: none:0: open: /etc/named.conf: file not found

>> Jul  7 10:17:56 ethic named[54371]: starting BIND 9.3.6-P1 -c /var/named/etc/namedb/named.conf

The first one that fails is looking for /etc/named.conf.  The second one shows its in /var/named/etc/named/named.conf

Those are different locations.  I suspect you have named_flags setup in rc.conf pointing to /etc/namedb/named.conf rather than the right location.  Its also possible that its not set in rc.conf but defaults in either the rc script or /etc/rc.d/named.  On my system it appears to default in /etc/rc.d/named.

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