ncal(1) prints control sequences on stdout if stdout is not a tty

Tobias Rehbein tobias.rehbein at
Thu Jul 7 18:57:53 UTC 2011

Hi list,

being the maintainer of www/nanoblogger, which uses cal(1) to generate the blog
calendar, I noticed that ncal(1), and therefore cal(1), prints control sequences
to stdout in order to highlight the current date. This scrambles the calendar
generated by nanoblogger.

I fixed this issue in the port but talking to one of the folks of our local unix
user group I was asked why I am not fixing this in ncal(1) as the sane behaviour
would be to omit control sequences if stdout is not a tty. Thinking about that I
decided to create a patch:

I just wanted to ask you fellow FreeBSD users what you think about this issue as
feedback in PRs tends to be slow.

Regards Tobias

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