ZFS on Root

Todor Dragnev todor.dragnev at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 08:05:26 UTC 2011

On 23.06.2011, at 16:08, Chris Brennan wrote:

> * Peter Toth <freebsd at snap.net.nz> [2011-06-23 22:54:59 +1200]:
>> Did you set the mount point properly for your ZFS root? My previous post
>> was intended as an example only, you need to tailor it to your setup.
>> Also, you can use mfsbsd for installation very easy and straightforward
>> http://mfsbsd.vx.sk/ . 
> This looks great, but my foggy brain isn't understanding how to use it? 
> Do I just burn the iso to media and boot it? Or is there some track that 
> involves a wand (sorry for my sarcasm lol)

Hi Chris

I just installed ZFS on ROOT on two 1TB SATA disks:

First you need to download freebsd 8.2 memstick release


After booting from memstick you must enter in Fixit shell

and then to follow step by step instructions from post in Dan's blog:


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