the alternative function for inet_aton

Polytropon freebsd at
Mon Jul 4 20:19:11 UTC 2011

On Mon, 4 Jul 2011 23:57:34 +0430, ahmad javadi wrote:
> the   /usr/include/arpa is exit but i dont know how install it .
> so how can i install this header file?

If /usr/include/arpa exists and contains the following
files, everything is okay (7-STABLE here, may have different
content on 8):

	% ls /usr/include/arpa
	ftp.h             nameser.h         telnet.h
	inet.h            nameser_compat.h  tftp.h

There is no need to install something. Just make sure you
don't override cc's -I parameter (in cc call or Makefile).

If you need to install the files - i. e. they are NOT present
in /usr/include/arpa, get the sources matching your OS version
(from the DVD, per FTP or via CVS - consult the FreeBSD Handbook
for the respective procedures, e. g. installing the "src-all"
install set from the CD if you're using RELEASE). Then do:

	# cd /usr/src/include/arpa
	# make install

I've _not_ tested that, but it should install the files mentioned
above to the correct location. Okay, basically you could simply
cope the files if it fails... :-)

PS. I've re-included the list, hope that's okay.

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