Making an mbr boot usb on 8.2-stable

Joshua Isom jrisom at
Mon Jul 4 05:44:26 UTC 2011

I recently changed my raid0 into two raid1's so I can have redundancy. 
Getting a disk to boot was harder than I ever remember.  Part of the 
problem, my gigabyte bios locks up hard if there's a gpt usb drive 
plugged in, not even scanning the memory.  It seems to be a little known 
problem.  Some of the stuff I read on the internet mentions fdisk being 
somewhat broken because of geom changes, and I couldn't get a usb disk 
to boot that I made with fdisk or gpart.  I ended up just dd'ing a 
memstick image from onto a drive and booting that. 
Annoyingly, the only one supporting zfs v28 is the 9-current image 
judging by the timestamps.

I'm still wanting a rescue disk, and gpt is out of the question.  I 
don't want a cd because I want a full install and to be able to 
periodically update it.  I can partition the drive, install freebsd on 
it, but it won't boot.  I've tried gpart, fdisk, and sade but I can't 
seem to be able to make it actually boot or even reach loader.  I think 
the furthest I got was boot1.

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