devel/anjuta: creating project does not offer project's dialog.

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at
Fri Jul 1 10:20:36 UTC 2011

01.07.2011, 11:49, "O. Hartmann" <ohartman at>:
> On 07/01/11 09:35, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
>>  01.07.2011, 11:06, "O. Hartmann"
>>>  And, for those actively developing, is there a good alternative to
>>>  Anjuta (no KDevelop, since I do not like KDE and do not have KDE). Thanks,
>>>  Oliver
>>  Depending on what you need you can try:
>>  Geany
>>  Vim
>>  Eclipse
>>  Qt Creator
>>  Actually, KDevelop does not require you to run KDE, it just needs KDE libraries.
> Thanks for your fast response.
> My target is mostly C, not C++, so I had my difficulties with QTCreator.

If so, vim (with proper .vimrc + bunch of plugins) can be ideal IDE for you.


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