devel/anjuta: creating project does not offer project's dialog.

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Fri Jul 1 07:06:12 UTC 2011

Using Anjuta as my potentially IDE, I realize a weird behaviour since my 
last try years ago. Anjuta was supposed to show a dialog about when 
creating a new project. Documentation explicitely mention this. But in 
my case (a newly installed anjuta), selecting a C-project, GTK+, then 
ends up in the final requester "Summary". Confirmation does not even 
show any created files or something else. This happens with all 
potentially to be created projects.
Importing a hand-installed GNU autotools backed up project works fine, 
superficially spoken.
The boxes running Anjuta are all AMD64 and running most recent FreeBSD 

Version of ports anjuta is reported to be 2.32, but webpage of the 
anjuta project reports 2.28. Am I missing something?

And, for those actively developing, is there a good alternative to 
Anjuta (no KDevelop, since I do not like KDE and do not have KDE). Thanks,

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