Bridge Interface Members

Carl Chave carl at
Sun Jan 30 16:49:01 UTC 2011

Trying to configure a bridge interface with two member interfaces,
fxp0 and re0.  Configuring the interface from scratch manually works
fine but when I add config entries to rc.conf the two member
interfaces aren't added at boot.  Bridge0 is created it just doesn't
have any members.  From the serial console I can manually add the two
member interfaces and everything is fine but obviously I'd like it to
work without manual intervention.  Any ideas?

Here's my rc.conf entries:

ifconfig_bridge0="addm fxp0 addm re0"
ifconfig_bridge0="inet netmask up"

Any ideas?

Troubleshooting is bit of a pain as I'm booting zfs root from a USB
stick and there's a 5 minute (yes, 5 minutes!) delay at the BTX loader
before the boot loader menu is displayed.  I haven't figured out
what's causing that but it makes tweaking and rebooting a slow

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