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>>On 28/01/11 16:07, Gary Gatten wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>Oh dear.
>>> OMFG... how much longer are "we" going to keep commenting on this 
>>> worthless thread?
>>Hmm.  Worthless... without value... an entity lacking substance. 
>>This thread was started by me.  Now let me see, yes, I still have my
>>arms and legs.  Which must logically mean I have substance.  And I
>>spent my time since birth learning about the world around me and
>>embracing it.  From all the information I have learnt about life and
>>other people, I believe I have substance.  And, as a result, my
>>creations (my emails) are born from that substance.  I forgive you.
>>> And now the debian list too?  That's great...
>>I think you underestimate the size of the problem I am highlighting:
>>forgetting money.
>>> Dear Hijacker:  You are the superior one, all others are inferior.
>>You are incorrect.  I am the same as everyone else, just as you are.
>>> You are right, all others are wrong.
>>Try not to see things as a case of right or wrong.  Instead, try to
>>realise the truth: people spend their time differently.  Your brain
>>only as reliable as the information you have fed into it, and based
>>that information, you make decisions.
>>> Please go away.
>>You may succeed in silencing me as an individual, but you will not
>>silence the growing Zeitgeist movement which is happening all around
>>> Perhaps preach your "wisdom" to a more receptive audience,
>>I think some people on these lists are questioning this thread,
>>even doing their own Google searches to learn for themselves.  These
>>the people who will embrace the new world without money, whilst
>>who close their minds and only accept the old will be left behind. 
>>as the horse gave way to the motor car, so will money be left
>>> such as your stuffed toy animals.
>>I don't own any, though my woman has a few.  It's a girl thing I
>>> You know, the ones you keep in your Mommies basement where you
>>I live in my own house, I eat my own food and I am very happy with
>>life.  Making assumptions is not a reliable way to make decisions
>>learn new information.
>>> Thank you for enlightening all of us with your superior wisdom.
>>I am not superior.  I have spent my time differently.
>>> Have a great life.
>>I already have a great life, and together, we could make it even
>>> "This email is intended to be reviewed by only the intended
>>> and may contain information that is privileged and/or
>>> If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified
>>> any review, use, dissemination, disclosure or copying of this
>>> and its attachments, if any, is strictly prohibited.  If you have 
>>> received this email in error, please immediately notify the sender
>>> by return email and delete this email from your system."
>> ^^^ How can I delete your words from the internal memory in my
>>once I have read them?
I too am tired of this tripe.  However, in a world without money, how
do you pay your ISP?
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