Instructions on Installing HP LaserJet P1102 on FreeBSD 8 (solved)

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Fri Jan 28 21:47:55 UTC 2011

Bahman Kahinpour wrote:
> After going through a hard time on installing HP LaserJet P1102 on
> FreeBSD 8.1, I decided to write this.
> *** Installing HP LaserJet P1102 on FreeBSD 8.1 ***

Nice, Well done for documenting :-)  I dont have such a printer
myself, but seems valuable, probably applies to similar printers
too).  Text should not just rot as mail hard to find in the archive,
but be submitted with send-pr.  But to which section ?

For ports ? for print/cups/files/README.something ?  
Or more likely for www ? for under
Or in ?

Please run send-pr so it gets saved somewhere :-)

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